Our Mission

Our commitment goes beyond farming, it’s our undeniable faith in our community, employees and the highest quality in our produce.


Agro-Jal grows strawberries in partnership with Naturipe Berry Growers. Partnering with Naturipe has allowed Agro-Jal Farms to become a year-round strawberry grower. This partnership farms over 700 acres of strawberries. We grow many different varieties, some public and some proprietary varieties solely for Naturipe Berry Growers. This allows us to supply our customers with the very best strawberries available. Agro-Jal Farms and Naturipe Berry Growers take strives daily to produce the highest quality strawberry… read more

Our Story


In March of 1964, a seventeen-year-old boy named Abel Maldonado Sr. arrived in Watsonville, CA, leaving everything back in his home state of Jalisco, Mexico. He travelled to the United States through the Bracero program, established in 1942, where Mexico and the United States allowed millions of men to come work legally on short term labor contracts. In September of that same year once his contract was fulfilled, he returned to his hometown of Santa Maria del Oro, Jalisco.

In February of 1965, he applied for a passport in Brownsville, Texas. Upon receiving his passport, he then followed an uncle to a small town located on the Central Coast, Santa Maria, CA. There he planted deeper roots than any crop, a family… read more