Agro-Jal Farms is a year-round grower, packer, and shipper for commodities including broccoli, cauliflower, and celery. Iceberg lettuce is a seasonal item available from April to December. Our operation harvests over 5,000 acres of vegetable crops.


We harvest broccoli crowns and bunch. Our short cut crown belongs to our August Moon label. Which is packed in a bushel and a third carton. When packing bunch, we can harvest both size 14’s and 18’s. Both packs of bunch are packed in our Mayor’s Choice label. Both bunch sizes are typically a second or third cut from a field where the head did not grow to the sufficient size to be considered a crown. Now 2-3 heads are banded together left with a longer stem. All broccoli packs are available iced or iceless. Available for export.


There are 3 different sizes of cauliflower we harvest. Size 16’s are the smallest head. Size 12’s are the most commonly sold being that it is a medium size head. Size 9’s are the biggest heads available. All sizes are packed daily in our Agro-Pac label.


Celery is harvested daily, and that includes all three sizes. The biggest size packed is a 24, and the smallest being a 36. A medium size stalk would be a size 30. We are able to sleeve each size upon customer’s request. All sizes are packed in our Mayor’s Choice label. Available for export.


Lettuce is our one seasonal item and is ready for harvest the first week of April. The two styles packed daily are liner and wrap. Available in sizes 24 and 30. Both sizes are packed in our Suprema label. Upon customer request bins are also packed. Available for export.

Food Safety Certifications